Evangelical Christian prayer ministry is a worldwide movement which constitutes a group of Christians who have a common belief in Jesus Christ and have the experience of receiving salvation and help in spreading the Christian message. They help in mobilizing and equipping a culture of prayer among people and thus helping in developing a relationship with the Lord Jesus through praying.

An evangelical Christian Global Prayer Ministry member should do evangelism work such as praying for those people who are lost and do not know about Christ and tell them more about the benefits of being Christian and knowing Christ. They can also help by organizing an outreach program such as handing water to joggers and provide foods to those affected by hunger or less fortunate ones who cannot be able to get any source of food for their young ones.

National prayer teams can be formed by the evangelical Christian prayer ministry to form a group of individuals who can pray for spiritual revival thought the nations of the world because prayer is very crucial for a nation to live in harmony.Language barrier may affect the spreading of the gospel hence when forming a national prayer team it should be considered, and people of different languages used together with those who are capable of translating them.

Online Prayer Ministry allow you to post your prayers and receive a note letting you know every time someone prays for you!

In a prayers ministry, there are schedules concerning the time when prayers are held and the general service that all the ministry is supposed to attend.Intercessory prayers that involve pleading with God for the needs of others for example families, friends, and the nation are held including bible studies that are done during specific days of the week. This helps to equip people with more knowledge concerning the bible and also prevent them from idling, which may make them get involved in earthly things that take away God’s presence from them, read books on prayer here!

Evangelical Christian prayer ministry has helped in the formation of prayer groups some of which are online and help in spreading Gods word on social media and several media platforms. A prayer is a powerful weapon against the devil, and it helps in uplifting people, and thus the creation of prayer groups offers petition and thanksgiving to God. There are several things that a prayer group can pray for, for example, refugees government leaders, service organizations such as the red cross, families, missionaries and those in service industries like nurses and doctors.For more facts and information about Evangelical Christian Prayer Ministry, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_7312188_become-ordained-evangelical-minister.html.


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